Heat Retention Pool Cover

Pool covers are now an essential item of pools equipment, not only for their excellent heat retention qualities (saving up to 85% of total heat loss) but also for reducing chemical evaporation and condensation. By covering your pool with a Heat retention Pool Cover, you could make savings within 6 months.

Pool covers are manufactured in various materials, depending upon the application. Our most cost-effective material is 5mm ECONO-THERM, and other materials range in thickness up to 8mm. The covers are made from closed cell polyethylene foam with a strong, woven polyethylene topside and a clear laminate on the underside.

Our Pool Covers are manufactured with foam filled leading edge, reinforced with a 16mm glass fibre rod, and complete with all tow ropes and spool tapes.

Motorised systems

Wall Mounted motorised system

These systems are operated by remote control or by a simple key switch arrangement. The roller is powered by a single or three phase electrical supply which can also be transformed to low voltage depending on the position of the system.

The roller is manufactured in stainless steel, tube diameter ranging between 200mm – 400mm, to suit width of pool. On wall mounted options the brackets are manufactured in stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanised steel. This system is then supported by end brackets enclosed in GRP covers, and is fixed to a load bearing wall.


Free-standing/Column Mounted Motorised System

Columns are manufactured in 316 stainless steel they are free-standing and bolted to the floor, covered by GRP protective moulding. Alternatively, may be fixed against a wall for additional column support.


Manual Pool covers

Manual pool cover Storage System come in a variety of styles to suit the pool environment and space available.

Bench type storage


Standard manual storage system


Customised Storage Systems

We understand that storage systems may not be practical in all situations. However if your requirements are for manual or motorised systems we have the knowledge, skills and experience to design and manufacture storage systems for your specific requirements to suit your individual needs.

Please contact us for helpful technical advice.

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